Expanding The Scope…..

This WordPress site is starting to expand and host sites outside of the purely academic realm. If you look down the side bar on the right, you should notice that the categories of links are expanding. We have added a blog, hosted by Mr. Medlock, for the JSRHS Softball Team. Mr. Medlock will administer this site and will use it as a way to get information out to his players in a new way. You will also notice on the right a link to the Spanish Honor Society. This blog will be administered by Ms. Chartier and Mr. Dunn and will also serve the purpose of disseminating information to club members about events, news and other important information. Coming soon, our WordPress site will host blogs for DECA and the Leo’s Club and perhaps a blog for our own school store.

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A Revised Purpose….

Since my post in September of last year, the scope and purpose of this website has evolved. Where I had once envisioned this site to be a purely “blogging” site to be used to engage students in another way, I am finding that teachers are embracing WordPress as a way to post pages with information related to their classes. In effect, this website is evolving into John Stark’s version of teacher web pages. Continue reading

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Blogging For Student Success

This new website is an experiment in blogging for academic pursuits and student success. The Technology Department at John Stark has installed WordPress Mu (multi-user) for use by classes at the school. Teachers wishing to start a blog of their own for a class should contact a member of the Technology Department for information and assistance. Members of the Technology APG will be exploring various technology tools during our professional development work during the fall of 2008 including WordPress Mu. It is my hope that a few members of this working APG group will become proficient in the implementation and application of WordPress Mu to classroom curricular activities and will be able to assist their collegues with “Blogging For Student Success.” – SRL

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